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Salesforce CRM Data Cleansing Using a New Free Tool

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Salesforce Data Cleaning using Contact Zone® - Thursday, December 13
You use Salesforce CRM to manage thousands of customer records and to grow your thriving business. But how can you ensure mail and packages get delivered to the correct addresses, email addresses are good, and phone numbers are callable?

Melissa Data’s Contact Zone integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to ensure all of your contact data is clean, accurate, and up-to-date. Contact Zone is the easy-to-use and affordable solution to build strong relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

In this webcast, data quality analyst Joseph Vertido will show you how to easily interface with the Contact Zone platform and perform different kinds of transformations and enrichments using built-in components. You will learn:

• How to clean your accounts, leads and other
  contacts in the Salesforce Cloud database
• How to update your Salesforce database with
  the cleansed, standardized and verified contact
• How to perform advanced de-duping of your
  Salesforce database using Contact Zone

Register now for this Contact Zone Expert Series and see how easy it is to clean your database using Contact Zone. Event airs Dec 13, 2012 at 2 PM EST.

Contact Zone Webcast Series - Featuring Joseph Vertido

Webcast Details:

Date: December 13, 2012
Speaker: Joseph Vertido
Time: 2 pm ET/11 am PT
Duration: 30 minutes

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